@Jeff - SUCCESS!

    Thank you, that did the trick. I have never had that issue in the past and couldn’t find anyone or documents explaining the issue.

    Thank you again. We are up and running.


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    Just updated to AE 2020 with the latest Templator version. I don’t even use the Bot, only Pro but when try to open up Preferences and save anything I get an Error.

    Preferences Save Error
    Templater Bot can queue a max of 20 jobs at any given time. Please adjust and try again.

    I don’t have Bot license so I can’t change these options to begin with. Even if I just open up the preferences window and don’t change anything I get this error. It happens on a new document and in the document I want use templator in. What is the deal here? I have been trying everything with no avail.

    Things I have tired:
    Reinstall AE to different versions
    Reinstall Templator 2 and active
    Sign in/out of google sheets
    Tired local data source - couldn’t get that to work

    I am desperate to find a solution.


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